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Hometown Coffee & Bakery

We passed our final health inspection yesterday! With the threat of the coronavirus we have decided to wait to fully open until it passes. However, I will be baking out of the new shop! I am planning some things in the coming weeks (more DIY kits, and cinnamon rolls😍) and will have the drive thru and contactless payments available. ❤️

This is going to be great!

Cherokee Phoenix

Needing a break from the COVID-19 news? Take some time and check out the artwork of the nine finalists in our Cherokee Phoenix Student Art Contest! We recently asked students in grades first through eighth to draw and submit their interpretations of the Cherokee Phoenix banner, and as you can see, we were blown away with these students' amazing talent. You can vote for your favorite at The nine finalist include Gordon Bryan, first grade, homeschool; Brexton Davis, second grade, Dahlonegah Public School; Coleton Green, third grade, Dahlonegah Public School; Alexxus Bolin, fourth grade, Brushy Public School; Landon Clawson, fifth grade, Dahlonegah Public School; Aayushi Patel, sixth grade, Sallisaw Middle School; Emma Carter, seventh grade, Sallisaw Middle School; Ryley Hummingbird, seventh grade, Helen Tyson Middle School; and Brooks Jackson, eighth grade, Sallisaw Middle School.

Now these are Museum Worthy!

Okay let's keep the good vibes rolling! We want to hear from our neighbors in Grove. What is it that makes you Ridgerunner Proud? #positivevides #smalltownproud


"When a natural disaster, pandemic, war or other crisis strikes, Americans have reacted with acts of kindness, turning both regular civilians and notables into heroes." We are loving this quote from the HISTORY channel. AND we want to know what small acts of kindness have made an impact on you this month as we all work to get through this virus. Share with us in the comments! #history #randomactofkindness #bekind

Today and everyday, we celebrate the life of a man and his music, which we can all agree was nothing less than historical. What was your favorite song of his? #legend #kennyrogers #history #music