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#ThrowbackThursday to the construction of the Pensacola Dam. The dam was completed in 1940 and was the state's first hydroelectric facility. The dam was named for an old store that sat on a Cherokee plantation present on the dam site. About $31 million was raised for the construction of the dam. Around 3000 depression-era workers flooded the area to work on the site and were paid $16 a week. We found a short video with pictures of construction. Enjoy!

What's your best kept secret to starting the week off right? Share with us in the comments! We'll tell you's checking out the museum to see what new changes have been made! #museum #motivation #monday

#Throwback #Thursday to one of the first school buses that Jay ever had! More on this story available at the museum in our big Heritage of The Hills book! #museum #history #jay


Here’s a peak of the Heritage of the Hills Spring 2019 edition! The bi-annual magazine is included in the yearly membership to the Delaware County Historical Society! Articles and design are done by our locals. #DelCoHiSo #nonprofitsneedlovetoo #shoplocal #historyhappens